TRAVEL KEEPS ME SANE | PRAGUE: Old World Charm (Part 1)

PRAGUE: Old World Charm (Part 1)

November 08, 2014  •  1 Comment

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Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Day 7 of 19……We leave Munich and head northwest about 380 km (driving takes about 4 hours) to Prague. My last bit of driving in Germany, good-bye Autobahn! Was just getting used to road signage in German and wham…….it all changes and I have no clue what anything says. So long as I see “Praha” on the highway signs, I know I’m going in the right direction.

We get to our hotel for our 2-night stay, EA Sonata Hotel Prague, located about a 10-minute walk from Wenceslas Square and 20-minute walk from the Old Town. Now I have to say……..we made sure to reserve a parking spot at the hotel in advance because it’s usually less hassle than trying to find a public parking garage. Not quite.

We pull up in front of the hotel in the New Town area, my hubs goes and checks us in while I wait in the car…wondering – where is the parking for this place? He comes out and says, “Ok, the guy is gonna come open the door for us to park?” Me, “What door? The only door I see is the arched walkway with a double door.” Of course, the doors swing open and I’m expected to drive through this walkway. Honestly, there was about a quarter-inch clearance on the sides of the tiny Fiat, when I finally made it through (with maybe a slight scrape of the side mirrors), it was even more of a bitch getting into the parking spot in the back.

Anyhoo, hotel had a few other issues, like the pitch black hallways, where you would have to find the light switch/sensor; like the bathtub-shower with no door or curtain so you can make your own personal lake when you shower; ah yes, there was the 1 English channel that only played retro music videos (which actually showed some pretty funny-ass videos from back in the day).  




Ok…onto to Prague! I am honestly, totally and completely, head-over-heels, in love with this city. It’s not what I expected – I guess I thought it would be grungy and dirty, but OMG, the architecture is sheer opulence, the people are so cultured and friendly – it’s got everything you could possibly want in a city. It'll have to be in a few different posts......there's so much to show and tell about this wonderful city.



After the parking debacle we head past all the erotic shops (yes, there are tons of them in this city!) and do the10-minute walk to Wenceslas Square. The biggest square (more like an avenue really) in Prague, it’s the business and cultural centre of the city. At the top of the square is the monumental Neo-Renaissance building housing the National Museum. The square started out as a horse market, it’s now one of Prague’s most vibrant and modern areas – there are plenty of chain stores, restaurants, clubs and hotels, and at night, for those that are interested (no judgement here!) there’s plenty of streetwalkers concentrated in this area.

National Museum, Wenceslas Square

National Museum, Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square


I didn’t get close enough to see what the actual name of this is, but Google search of “Big-A$$ Silver Sexy Pregnant Lady Sculpture in Prague”, turns up In Utero by David Černý. This stainless steel, 6-metre tall sculpture is an a quiet intersection (Dlouhá & Masná), not too far from the Old Town – it catches your eye, it startles you and it makes you giggle – all at the same time.

In Utero by David Černý


I was expecting more of a food market, but it’s more like the souvenir market – if you’re looking for Prague souvenirs, this is the spot. They’ve got all kinds of trinkets, some of them a bit tacky, but they’re way cheaper here than anywhere else. They do have a bit of fresh fruit stands, and it’s about a 2-minute walk from the Old Town Square.

Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Witches that bob up and down & have the most annoying cackling sound - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Dolls at Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Fresh fruits & veggies - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Fresh strawberries - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Fresh fruit snacks to go - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Choko for sale - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Yummy wafers - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market) Cute clocks - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Wooden tulips - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market) Clocks - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market) Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market) Clocks - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)

Puppets - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market) Toys - Havelske Trziste (Havel's Market)


Stumbled upon this very cool jenga-like wall (location Na příkopě 10). It’s called the Beneficial Brick Initiative, and for a donation of approx. 150 Koruna, you can paint a brick and add it to the pile. Proceeds and the bricks will be used towards the construction of new building for Portus Praha (an institution for mentally handicapped people). It’s a wonderful collection – people paint anything from cartoon characters to their country flags.

Beneficial Brick Initiative Beneficial Brick Initiative Beneficial Brick Initiative Beneficial Brick Initiative


That's it for this post - next one up will have more on the Old Town, the Astronomical Clock, Torture Museum, Charles Bridge & Prague Castle!


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