JENNIFER MAHON Sète - Southern France Roadtrip -  JM Travel Keeps Me SaneSète - Southern France Roadtrip - JM Travel Keeps Me SaneSète - Southern France Roadtrip

Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, but moved to Montreal and have been living here for the past ten years. My 18 years of experience as a Marketing/Production Supervisor within the travel industry, as well as Editor-in-Chief for Air Transat's inflight magazine, Atmosphere, has helped me develop an eye for creating a strong visual image.

I’m also a bit of travel addict and when the travel bug starts to bite, I’ve been known to take off and fly to Europe for a mere 24 or 48 hours. This addiction has taken me to 43 countries and 224 cities... and counting!

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Canadian by birth but citizen of the world at heart, I’m a language professional with a passion for travel and a never-ending bucket list; with each destination that gets checked off, another one is added.

My interest in learning new languages and getting to know other cultures came at a young age, thanks to my many travels growing up. All this has led to an exciting career in the tourism industry, where I get to capture the essence of different places through the written word while seeing the best our planet has to offer.

Life's a beach!

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Born in Martinique, my fascination for travel started the moment I saw a plane for the first time. I also recall promising myself I would learn English so that I could interact with these visitors who seemed so enamoured with what was then my home. For the past 15 years, I've been calling Montréal home. After graduating university there, I've worked 10 years in various fields of communications within the travel industry, and was lucky enough to travel to over 230 cities in 37 countries. I recently started working as a freelance Communication Project Manager, more information here!

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