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About Me

Jennifer here! I'm a photographer based in Montreal, Quebec who specializes in candid, photojournalistic-style photography (


I’m also a bit of travel addict and when the travel bug starts to bite, I’ve been known to take off and fly to Europe for a mere 24 or 48 hours. This addiction has taken me to 44 countries and 252 cities... and counting!

My love of food is a slight addiction as well. I've been lucky enough to sample the cuisine from all the places I've travelled to. And, I'm also lucky enough to live in Montreal - a city with an incredibly diverse selection of restaurants, and I am on a mission to try them all! 

I'm a proud mama of three girls, who thankfully are all grown up now. And a mama of two cats, Monsieur and Madame; two dogs, Wicca and Ginette.

Travelling, anything to do with food, and my pets are all the things that keep me sane in this world. 


Contact Me:

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