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Lindau: A Lake Constance Island

DAY 5 OF 19

We leave Konstanz and hop on the ferry (with the car) towards Meersburg. It rained….and rained….and rained some more, so we decided to skip stopping in Meersburg and continue through Friedrichshafen, on to Lindau. What should have been an hour’s drive, turned into almost 3 because of the rain and traffic along this route…..It was still raining when we got to Lindau, so photos in this post are all taken from an iPhone (not the greatest, but it is what it is).

At the request of a few peeps, here's the entire itinerary (over 4000 km of driving altogether!). White numbers indicated the day number of the trip, the black boxes indicate where did overnights.


A charming old island town, the best way to explore is by walking around (thank goodness I insisted that we bring raincoats and umbrellas!). Roam around in the maze of streets and alleys lined by centuries-old houses. Start on the main street of Maximilianstrasse and see the Altes Rathaus (old city hall), the Haus Zum Cavazzen (baroque style house turned museum), the Stephanskirche and the Pulverturm. Then stroll on down to the harbour for breathtaking views (even in the rain!) of the Swiss Alps (to the south) and the Austrian Alps (to the east).

Top: Harbour / Altes Rathaus | Bottom: Munster "Zur lieben frau" Lieben / Stephanskirche

Top: Pretty greenery terrace / Pulverturm | Bottom: Wine IS better...! / Somewhere in the old town

Kunst Café - furniture store and café....displays act as the seating area for the café

Haus Zum Cavazzen | Streets of Lindau


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