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Philippines: A Taste of Filipino Food at Junior

So I have to start by saying that I've been meaning to go to this restaurant for something like 6 years. I should also mention that my mom's side of the family is Filipino. Which means I should have made my way to Junior Filipino long before now.

Even though we didn't eat that much Filipino food growing up (my parents raised us as good old-fashioned Canadians), I was surprised at how much of the food reminded of me of those rare times when my mom used to get a craving for her Filipino roots and make pancit and adobo. Oh and the lumpia – I don't think I ever enjoyed eating those that much because it was like punishment for me and sister to sit for what felt like hours wrap those little suckers. Now I've got my own kids to do that, so it's much more enjoyable!

Filipino style steamed fish


Located in Montreal's Griffintown, this authentic Filipino eatery has me hooked. Whether it's your first time to the resto, or not, the staff is super friendly – they treat you a bit like family there, or like a long-lost best friend. To newbies to Filipino food, they'll explain the flavours and the menu items with passion. There's not much else to write about, except that it's damn good. Especially the Lechon. OMG - The. Lechon. They apparently do a kick-ass brunch that they've cutely dubbed "Rice & Shine" – which I still need to make my way there for.

Location: 1964 Notre-Dame St. West Website: Junior Filipino Price range: Apps $6-$11, mains $10-$14, desserts $7 Liquor license: yup

Left: Junior's Pulutan Menu | Right: Lumpia - fried pork and veggie rolls

Buto-Buto - Honey-garlic spare ribs

Left: Pancit Bahon - Rice noodles, veggies, chicken & shrimp | Right: Filipino style steamed fish

Left: Lechon Kawali - Crispy pork belly | Right: Adobe Manok - Ginger, coconut & lemongrass chicken


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