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My Travels in Pix & Words

So, with all the places I've been to, plus all the places that are still to come, and with all the photos I've accumulated...and after not doing anything remotely creative during this pandemic I figured I'd revive the Travel Keeps Me Sane travel/photo blog. 

Tivoli, Italy

Needing a break from the daily grind, not only am I getting back to Travel Keeps Me Sane, but I'm bringing all of the posts from the previous website (which, I've decided to reuse solely for photography:

So here we go. It's kind of overwhelming, and I think I'm now beginning to realize what a ginormous undertaking this is, so bear with me while I try to organize everything and figure out the technical part of transferring everything over.


Because, well.....I have tons of photos. And...I travel a lot (pre-pan

demic). Hopping on a plane whenever you feel the need, was one those perks of working in the travel industry for 20 years. As you can imagine, that long working in the industry and wracking up those air miles, I've gots a whole lot of tips and interesting tidbits to share.

These posts are basically my own personal scrapbook. Telling the stories of everywhere I've been through images and words.


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